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We specialize in helping small-to-medium businessses who have just started on their automation journey to find high-value use cases for automation and AI, and help deliver in a repeatable scalable way

Do any of these pains resonate with you?

1. Struggling to find high-value use cases for automation and AI?

2. Difficulty finding the right automation or AI technology to use?

3. Having issues maximizing ROI (perhaps due to underutilized automation/AI licences)?

4. Can’t seem to deliver in a repeatable (and thus scalable) way? 


Are you in Insurance? (we have something special for you)

For Insurance firms, agencies, brokers, carriers

Automating Insurance?

We're working on our new platform techFindr.ai [beta] and focusing on specifically small-to-medium Insurance firms.

The techFindr platform  helps Automation teams in Insurance to *INSTANTLY*:

    1. Find high-value use cases
    2. Match them to the right automation/AI/InsurTech technologies
    3. Maximize ROI on tech spend (their existing or new technologies)

Let’s talk about your frustrations and challenges with automation delivery and discovery. Help us shape this tool to meet your specific needs

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Insurance is complex but vital. 

Let’s make Insurance sexy.

Discover the art of the possible


Serving businesses worldwide

DISCOVER IA Opportunities

Find all your high-value use cases, so that you can maximize the ROI you get from automation and IA.

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OPTIMISE your processes

We work with your team to tap into the power of automation and AI. Quickly and efficiently, deliver automation solutions in a repeatable and scalable way.

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EMPOWER with new Technologies

Accelerate your digital transformation by discovering AI technologies that fit your business needs. We help you navigate the crowded world of Intelligent Automation.


Why choose Lean IA?


Our team of experts knows how to generate the highest ROI for your automation and/or AI spend.


We prioritize lean thinking in everything we do, delivering results faster. Tier1 level consulting with an affordable price tag


Lean IA focuses entirely on delivery, relying on our trusted partners for support.

Find out what Business Leaders say

Large Insurance firm

Digital Transformation Director
[They brought their] industry knowledge and passion to the automation team to help to mature the governance model and align with our overseas center of excellence team, to overcome several challenges. His keenness for governance and control helped the team put measures in place to avoid 'technical debt' later in the process. A people-first approach to automation discovery and positive attitude won the hearts and minds of business stakeholders, helping us build a large pipeline of potential automation opportunities.

Ready to unlock the power of automation?


  • Are you an SMB with between 100 and 1000 employees?
  • Have you already started using automation? (e.g. Power Automate, UiPath, Blue Prism)



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