Good teams automation ...GREAT teams deliver value

Value of a tier 1 consultancy, priced affordably:

EMPOWER your team, OPTIMISE your processes, DISCOVER new technologies

Good teams automation ...GREAT teams deliver value

We are LeanIA Consulting

(Delivering Lean Intelligent Automation)

We sell 'optimised business processes and large cost-savings' ...that's stress-free and affordable

Our experienced team from the world's leading consultancy firms provide; consulting, development and workforce training,
to automate your business processes with RPA and AI so that your staff and back-office processes
are faster, efficient and highly productive.

Our unique AEIO YOU® methodology is a blend of Lean Thinking and Intelligent Automation best practices,
so that we doesn't just automate, we deliver tangible financial and non-financial value, significant savings and high ROI
... and we do this faster and at a competitive price

Discover your RPA/IA opportunities

We'll analyse your business at a high level and provide you with your personalised Intelligent Automation Opportunities pack - see how much you could save, and how fast

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Superfast Solution Design

we use hyper-automation (AI and automation) for Process Discover/Mining, and to analyse, design and build lean, digital workers in a scalable way

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Develop your in-house team

We develop your inhouse team with you Centre of Excellence role-based training portal, which applies our internationally used AEIO YOU® method

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Intelligent Automation at scale

Intelligent Automation can deliver ROI within the 1st year.

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Discover the AEIO YOU® Training Portal

Access the vendor-agnostic Centre-of-Excellence enablement platform. eTraining, Automation Analyser and toolkit for your Automation team to deliver value, at speed.

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Value of a Tier 1 consultancy, priced affordably: consulting + development + training

We're vendor agnostic - Which RPA vendor do you use?



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