Find Automation Value from your Data, fast!

We empower businesses to digitally transform faster. Move from small use-cases and tactical automation, to large scale value-add automation delivery

Find Automation Value from your Data, <i>fast!</i>

Helping you to deliver Lean Intelligent Automation

50% of Automation and AI projects fail. Less than 5% of businesses can't scale automation company-wide.

SUCCESSFUL AUTOMATION ROLLOUT IS HARD... Our AEIO YOU® platform is 6+ years of research and development to solve these problems

AEIO YOU® Analysis application:

We've codified 5 years of global research and development into a systematic AEIO YOU® methodology.

We ingest your business process data to identify your most transformational automation use cases that deliver the highest ROI

AEIO YOU® governance platform:

The AEIO YOU® platform, is a vendor and technology agnostic automation platform that guides your team step-by-step to deliver large automation projects successfully

The embedded AEIO YOU® methodology ensures your team navigates common mistakes, challenges and pitfalls

LeanIA consultancy:

LeanIA's experienced consultants are experts in the AEIO YOU® approach and can get you up and running quickly, and give your team the assisted push to get the momentum going

We have consultancy and development teams in Europe, North America and Asia


AEIO YOU® app:
Unlock Automation value immediately

No more endless workshops and process mapping sessions! Get on with delivery by quickly identifying the best AI and Automation opportunities to get the highest ROI for your budget

✓ Find the biggest use cases
✓ Deliver only the highest ROI automation
✓ Identify total automation value company-wide
✓ Identify all automation opportunities in minutes

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AEIO YOU® Platform:
Deliver value faster

Can't afford tier 1 consultancy fees? Turn your in-house team into Automation pros, with the do-it-your-self SaaS platform that gets you delivering tangible value with ease.
✓ Be 2x faster
✓ Be 2x more success
✓ Have more control of Automation quality
✓ Save on large consultancy fees

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Process Automation Vendor-agnostic

Intelligent Automation Technology-agnostic







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