We make Intelligent Automation (IA) Lean

Move from small, tactical robotic process automation use-cases, to large scale value-add, end-to-end intelligent automation ...the easy way

We make Intelligent Automation (IA) Lean

Why Lean IA? What are we the best at?

We are laser-focused on empowering you to get more value from Intelligent automation than anywhere else on the market. We are both technology and vendor agnostic

We specialise in discovering all automation and AI use cases throughout your entire enterprise, pulling out the end-to-end automation and AI opportunities and their hidden value, and recommending the best solutions to match.



  1. We know exactly where to look to get you the highest ROI for your Automation/AI spend
  2. Lean thinking is in our business’s fabric (We know the key factors to deliver faster and how to do it at 20% of the market rate)
  3. We are not distracted by developing or supporting automated processes (though we do have excellent development/support partners)

Automation and AI opportunities are your business’s gold, and we are your go-to geologists. 

We specialise in knowing where to get you the most value from intelligent automation in the leanest, fastest way possible. We are “Lean intellignt automation”, and with our toolkit, governance model and deep knowledge in process optimisation and business architecture, we’re perhaps the best at what we do. 

What business leaders & clients say

“What was missing for us was having someone who had a good technical understanding of RPA who could help us identify specific processes which would benefit by using RPA but could also challenge the developers of the RPA. [The AEIO YOU methodology] gave us that missing piece to our RPA jigsaw. “

“… enthusiasm for using automation and technology in the business world is a breath of fresh air. “

Steve Waldron​
Head of UK Operations – International Asset Management firm​

“[The AEIO YOU] approach to implementing RPA is thorough, well-researched and well executed. Highly recommended to anyone involved in the automation market.”

Guy Kirkwood
ex-COO – UiPath (the world’s leading RPA company)



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