There are departments in your business crying out for automation, that are full of manually intensive computer-based processes, with staff doing boring, monotonous tasks. Look for teams with high attrition rates, highly frustrated employees, and large backlogs of back-office work. 

You’re looking for areas that have a high amount of these types of processes:

·        Logical repetitive steps

·        High amount of data entry and data validation

·        Syncing same data into multiple systems

·        Inputting, exporting, migrating data

·        Transactional processes handling high volumes

·        Errors that have a massive impact on the business

·        High percentage of manual errors

·        Processes with high queues which delay delivery to customers

·        Business areas with high employee turnover

·        Large seasonal spikes in work volume

·        Processes requiring large teams

·        High amount of data searching, data gathering, or data cleansing

·        Repetitive updates to databases or form filling

·        Moving data from one system to the next, or between multiple systems or databases

·        Highly regulated activities

·        Financial, compliance, auditing

Avoid teams with these types of processes:

·        Low volume

·        High variety, multiple ways of completing a task (many exceptions)

·        Unstructured data inputs (free text forms rather than dropdown lists)

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