5 Steps To Build Your Enterprise Automation Road Map (EAR)

1. Zoom Out:

a. Identify the departments most suitable for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using an RPA Checklist

b. Solution layer: review and vet capabilities and vendors that can meet individual team needs (RPA, AI, Machine Learning, intelligent character recognition, process mining, business process management etc)

c. Build a Department or Team Complexity Map to show ease of implementation vs benefits (financial and non-financial)

2. Zoom In:

a. identify all suitable processes and add to your Automation Catalogue

b. Solutions layer: review and vet capabilities and vendors that can meet individual process needs (RPA, AI, outsourcing, lean process re-engineering, etc.)

i. ability to create libraries of re-usable code

ii. ability to scrape web pages, Citrix applications, PDFs

iii. Ability to integrate with plug-ins and APIs

c. Build a Process Complexity Map for your first target department

3. Categorize and Prioritise

a. Prioritize teams and processes into waves using your high and low-level complexity maps

Using a Complexity Matrix you can capture the difficulty of each automation initiative from the developer’s perspective. By quantifying the complexity and intangible benefits such as scalability and error rates, you can plot all processes on one map.

However, doing all quick wins upfront may not have significant impact on the business, so it is ultimately the business who should decide, guided by the organization’s strategy and using this map as a decision aid which backed by data4. Bake in continuous improvement

a. Keep coming back to implemented automation in order to improve or enhance them

5. Plan how to self-fund your CoE

a. Use savings generated from implemented processes to pay for the continued running on your CoE. That means get profitable fast, be that ROI from clients or wooden dollars internally

You can learn more about implementing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and intelligent automation at Leania.co. The Lean Intelligent Automation consultant

You can read about Lean IA’s trademarked AEIO YOU method in their new book Business @ the Speed of Bots, Succeeding In The New Age Of Digital Transformation

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