We provide Intelligent Automation solutions that deliver tangible value

Our mantra is: Good teams automate, but great teams deliver tangible value to clients

With our unique blend of Lean Sigma/Lean thinking and Intelligent Automation we take clients far beyond ‘robotic process automation’. Our mission is to help you digitally transform your business in a way that matches your objectives, timeframes, and budget.

And we use hyper-automation to deliver faster, and at a much lower cost. So you get tier 1 service without the tier 1 price tag.

By designing and building intelligent automation solutions, training staff teams and providing you with our toolkit of tools, templates and frameworks, as well as continued technical support, we can assist your business to automate fast and on-demand, but we can also help you develop your in-house staff to build your Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence team.

Based around our repeatable and internationally used AEIO YOU® METHODOLOGY, many of our consultancy services are virtual and on-demand 24/7 to reduce our overhead so we can pass on these savings to you; on-demand analysis, vendor-agnostic roles-based training, and toolkits to assist your team throughout the whole Intelligent Automation lifecycle

We're empowering clients' in-house teams

Our winning formula: Consulting + Development + Training
Implementing intelligent automation is not about automating a few processes to improve efficiencies in parts of the business, it's about gradually and steadily transforming your whole business, ready for the new digital age.

So our trademarked, internationally used AEIO YOU method provide both consultancy and training, so that you're business can use intelligent automation (process automation and AI tools) to succeed at digital transformation


Our mission
To guide, develop and empower teams to discover and correctly use new technologies so that they become self-reliant at optimising their own organisation.

With our Expert team of Analysts, Solution Architects and Developers to help you deliver automation, our Centre of Excellence Training programme and CoE toolkit and our continuous support, we will work with your team to optimise your business we will be with you every step of the way along your digital transformation journey


We want to assist businesses new to RPA and IA so that they don't make the mistakes of those who have gone before then. We believe educating and developing teams is the way to improve businesses with technology.

We aim to eradicate poor success levels seen in the RPA and AI industries by tackling the 3 root causes we have discovered are the causes for this. This technology is AMAZING so why do 50% of RPA and AI projects fail, and 98% of businesses are not able to scale. We share knowledge, insights and tools and consultancy advise to ensure this doesn't happen to you

Our end goal is to help build a more efficient world, by helping businesses efficiently and speedily deliver healthcare, faster and agile provisions of charity, efficient distribution of finance, legal and utilities services – where global teams are empowered with the tools and know-how to continuously improve services by using cutting-edge technology