About Lean IA

Our mantra is: Good teams automate, …but great teams deliver value

Intelligent Automation ROI is our thing!
We're focused on enabling you to MAXIMIZE your Return on Investment for existing automation and AI technology you already have, or on new technologies you want to acquire.
We’ve empowered teams big and small, new and pro, to deliver high-value automation in a leaner (or Leania) way. 
We’ve spent the last decade from 2015 using automation workflows and the arrival of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to the Intelligent Automation that it is today. We’ve worked with and trained teams in automation globally in Europe, US, India, Hong Kong, China and the UK.
We’ve seen how teams new (and not so new) to automation make the same mistakes and come up against the same challenges time and time again

We asked the question:

Why do 50% of all RPA and AI projects fail? Why do less than 5% of businesses succeed at scaling automation?

We know why, we tried and tested our methodology that solves the THREE root causes of the majority of automation headaches, causing most automation teams around the world to fail


 A. E. I. O. Y. O. U.

Our AEIO YOU methodology which we have explained in our book Business @ the Speed of Bots: the AEIO YOU method) is a unique blend of Lean Sigma/Lean thinking. Change management and Intelligent Automation which we have used for our clients to reach and sometime 3x their automation goals


Our Mission

We’re focused on small-to-medium businesses with 100-1000 employees, how have started using automation and want to get the most out of Automation and Artificial Intelligent

Let’s help you:

FIND your high-value automation and AI use cases

MATCH these use cases to the right technologies (automation, RPA or AI)

Maximize ROI through the use of your existing under-utilizing licensing, or from use technologies that