About Lean IA technologies

Our mantra is: Good teams automate, …but great teams deliver value

We’re empowering teams big and small, new and pro, to deliver automation in a leaner (or Leania) way. 
We’ve spent the last years throughout the evolution of Robotic Process Automation to Intelligent Automation extensively researching the automation industry globally in Europe, US, India, Hong Kong, China and the UK, since the technology, that we know as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), emerged onto the mainstream in 2015. We’ve seen it evolve into intelligent automation, incorporating Artificial Intelligence. Our research and the essence of our business has been focused on solving two metrics that have remained unchanged all this time, globally!

We asked:

Why do 50% of all RPA and AI projects fail? Why do less than 5% of businesses succeed at scaling automation?

We discovered that each automation team or business had their unique (and sometimes not-so-unique) issues and problems, that all stemmed from similar challenges that they all came up against We traced this back to mere a handful of mistakes that had been made and boiled these down to just THREE root causes. THREE reasons which were causing most automation teams around the world to fail


By understanding these root causes, mistakes and challenges we were identified patterns and discovered the 7 things that successful automation teams do to roll out automation at speed and at scale, we put into the acronym: A. E. I. O. Y. O. U.

Our AEIO YOU methodology which we have explained in our book Business @ the Speed of Bots: the AEIO YOU method) is a unique blend of Lean Sigma/Lean thinking and Intelligent Automation which we use to take clients far beyond RPA. Our mission is to help you digitally transform your business in a way that matches your objectives, timeframes, and budget.

And we bring you hyper-automation to deliver faster, and at a much lower cost (hence the name “lean” intelligent automation). We want to provide you with tier 1 delivery without the tier 1 price tag.

Our automation application and knowledge platform is designed for automation team self-sustainability

By designing and developing our solutions intelligent automation delivery, providing teams with know-how, a toolkit of tools, templates and a codified repeatable framework, (continuous expert support), we can assist your business to automate faster and scale, so that your in-house automation team can truly become an Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence.

Based around the repeatable and internationally used AEIO YOU® METHODOLOGY, our SaaS provides a step-by-step guide to turn your staff into pros instantly. Our global consultancy teams are also available to get you started even faster and support you along your digital transformation journey and through the lifecycle of analysis, development and support

Empowering our clients' in-house teams is now as easy as AEIO YOU


Our winning formula: What to automate + what to do + how to do it

Implementing intelligent automation is not about automating a few processes to improve efficiencies in parts of the business, it's about automating large end-to-end use cases to gradually and steadily transforming your whole business, ready for the new digital age.

We call this "moving from tactical to strategic automation"

The internationally used AEIO YOU methodology is embedded into our SaaS solution which ingests your business data, shows you what to automate, it show your teams what they need to do to successfully implement the solution(s), and shows them how to do this, step-by-step
Our global consultancy teams provide added assistance, automation development and on-site training.


Our Mission

To guide, develop and empower teams to discover and leverage new cutting-edge technologies.

We’re a team of Automation experts from tier-1 consultancies who want to take our learns to provide solutions for other teams to digitally transform businesses at scale, fast. 

We want to assist businesses new to RPA and IA so that they don’t make the mistakes of those who have gone before then. We believe educating and developing teams is the way to improve businesses with technology.

We aim to eradicate poor success levels seen in the RPA and AI industries by tackling the 3 root causes we have discovered are the causes for this. We share knowledge, insights and tools and consultancy advise to ensure this doesn’t happen to you

Our end goal is to help build a more efficient world, by helping businesses efficiently and speedily deliver healthcare, faster and agile provisions of charity, efficient distribution of finance, legal and utilities services – where global teams are empowered with the tools and know-how to continuously improve services by using cutting-edge technology