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We’re your on-demand RPA analyst to help you:

  • Design your Automation road map and plan
  • Identify and assess opportunities for automation
  • Design solutions in detail ready for your developer to build


Online RPA Analysis and Consulting

If you need some analysis work done quickly like; Process Maps, Level 4 (keystroke) documents, Enterprise Roadmaps or Automation Plans, you can request a service online and one of our RPA and Lean thinking qualified analysts will use our AEIO YOU method to carry out analysis tasks or projects to assist with your automation rollout

1. Estimate your process complexity here

(company complexity for large projects)

Cost/Time calculator
1. # of Decision points in your process

(Average # of teams in a department)

2. # of Systems used in process

(# of departments in your automation plan)

3. # of process steps

(Average # of manual processes in a department)

Task size?

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Visio Map

We turn your screen recording of the process into a detailed (level 3) process map of the steps in order for you to gain visibility on where improvements can be made

... Days


We turn your screen recording of the process into a detailed (level 4) process document of the clicks and keystrokes activities made in order for your developer to understand exactly what your bot needs to do.

Please note, a high level process map gives the developer more clarity of the decision points and how different exceptions fit together

... Days


By providing us with your process data we can analyse and identify where your RPA opportunities are, we can prioritise them (using our AIEO YOU method) and present this back to you in a 9-12 slide Powerpoint pack to include:

Enterprise Automation Road map, department opportunities, process landscape,  areas to focus and the strengths of your plan

... Days

2. Choose a TASK, AND upload your files

A. Select an on-Demand Service

You must be an EU/UK business or an individual in the UK. If not contact us here

B. Upload your Data

Provide us with as much information as you can:

For L4 documents and Visio Maps:

Upload videos of the end-user carrying out the process you wish to automate (please include commentary for each decision they make)

For an Enterprise Automation Roadmap and Plan:

Upload your anonymised process data:

Use this template to provide us with your process data
" title="false" description="false"]

3. RECEIVE your process analysis

Your online on-demand analyst will send you visio map,  L4 document, automation plan or Solution stack, dependant on your request

If it’s a solution stack we’ll do market research to find the best solutions or combination of solutions suitable for your unique problem (and a list of providers) that matches your budget

We may request further information in order to provide you with the right service