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International Asset Management Firm

Develop internal Operational Excellence team, and deliver automated processes across entire Operations department

Firm able to take on new clients

Automating reconciliation processes for operations team to increase throughput and scalability


  • The normal process is automated, missing data created deviations from the ‘happy path
    Different missing data created deviations at various points along the process – creating manually work to add missing data
    Team manager wanted to allow team to cope with new customers who would invariably provide suboptimal information


    • Map out the process End-to-End and identify the deviation areas

      Zoom into areas and compile a list of manual processes

      Run root cause workshops to identify the true reason (customers? outside our control? What Influence do we have?)

      Filtered out only RPS suitable processes (ran group interviews with manager and SMEs)

      Created Process design documents to build the bots

Design an automated process to answer clients and new staff questions, where answers existed in FAQs and website

Intelligent automation using chat bots



  • Team received hundreds of paper forms from Independant Financial Advisors (IFA), which they needed to scan for record-keeping and manually enter data into the CRM system


    • Facilitated the collection of high quality scanned  forms which were saved in a datalake

      the ICR (intelligent character recognition) engine digested the data and converted both text and handwritten data into standardised information

      conditions were set of each field and the engine learnt of the correct type of information. e.g. if the handwriting was read ‘LODNON’ the intelligent engine would know that for a UK address this had an acceptably high probablity of being ‘LONDON’