New to RPA? Avoid These Top 5 RPA Mistakes

All across the country and from our network in other countries too, we’re observing businesses and teams new to RPA and automation making these same mistakes. Let’s dive straight in to see how these can be easily avoided 1)    Lack of

The 36 steps the AEIO YOU method

The underlying approach of the AEIO YOU method is to ensure you’re applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and intelligent automation to lean (aka streamlined and optimized) business processes. Using lean thinking you can achieve a much higher ROI from your new

RPA FAQs and some TLAs

What does RPA stand for and what does it do? Robotic Process Automation. This is low or no-code software that automates business processes by mimicking a human’s clicks and keystrokes on a computer screen. RPA works for almost any monotonous

How to quickly identify your RPA team’s strengths and weaknesses

When you’re in the mists of ‘doing automation’ it is sometimes hard to find the time to take a speak back and understand what is and isn’t working in your RPA delivery. Make projects have stalled, staff aren’t as engaged

5 Levels of CoE maturity: How mature is yours?

There are several levels of maturity that I’ve seen. Which one are you? Level 0 (Explore stage): You’ve just started looking into RPA and automation, you’ve not deployed anything. You’ve seen a few demos but have not yet decided which

5 Steps To Build Your Enterprise Automation Road Map (EAR)

1. Zoom Out: a. Identify the departments most suitable for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using an RPA Checklist b. Solution layer: review and vet capabilities and vendors that can meet individual team needs (RPA, AI, Machine Learning, intelligent character recognition,

Why AI means the end of ‘pure’ RPA

Interview with Process Excellence Network PEX Network: What is your working definition of ‘intelligent automation’? Antony Walker: RPA is dumb computer software doing manual tasks. Intelligent automation is combining things like RPA or BPM tools with some sort of artificial