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Now that you know the 7 things that successful automation teams do (A.E.I.O. Y.O.U), take the 3 steps below to learn how to accelerate your automation delivery

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Acronyms and phrases used in the book

AEIO YOU: A method for successfully implementing intelligent automation into an organization

IA: Intelligent Automation

RPA: robotic process automation

FTE: Full time employee

AI: Artificial intelligence

GUI: Graphical User Interface

SME: subject matter expert

PDD: Process Definition Document

SDD: Solution Design Document

SLA: Service Level Agreements

API: Application Programming Interface

ICR: intelligent character recognition

COE: Centre of Excellence

CBA: Cost benefits Analysis

RCA: Root cause Analysis

A case: a unit of work that flows through a process, e.g. an individual customer request

PMO: Project/programme management office/officer

UAT: User Acceptance Testing

POC: Proof of Concept

POV: Proof of Value

EAR: Enterprise Automation Roadmap

MPV: Maximum Potential Value

TPV: Target Potential Value

AHT: Average handling time

SIPOC: Supply, Input, Process, Output, Customer

COO: Chief operations officer

TT: Takt time

GDPR: (General Data Protection Regulation) 

CASS: (Protection of Client Assets and Money)

ML: machine learning

OCR: Optical character recognition

BPO: Business process outsourcing

BPM: Business process management (or Mapping)

VM: Virtual Machine

VDI: Virtual desktop interface