The 7 things successful automation teams do to scale

By 2030, automation will drive 75 to 375 million people to reskill and evenchange occupation – do you agree it’s time to upskill your workforce? By 2025 97% of business will have started using Automation By 2030, automation will drive

5 Levels of CoE maturity: How mature is yours?

There are several levels of maturity that I’ve seen. Which one are you? Level 0 (Explore stage): You’ve just started looking into RPA and automation, you’ve not deployed anything. You’ve seen a few demos but have not yet decided which

5 Steps To Build Your Enterprise Automation Road Map (EAR)

1. Zoom Out: a. Identify the departments most suitable for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using an RPA Checklist b. Solution layer: review and vet capabilities and vendors that can meet individual team needs (RPA, AI, Machine Learning, intelligent character recognition,

Why AI means the end of ‘pure’ RPA

Interview with Process Excellence Network PEX Network: What is your working definition of ‘intelligent automation’? Antony Walker: RPA is dumb computer software doing manual tasks. Intelligent automation is combining things like RPA or BPM tools with some sort of artificial