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We’re an RPA and IA consultancy firm, keen to optimise how businesses automate. We believe in providing intelligent automation in a lean and streamlined way, hence the name.
We want to empower small and medium business (and business units) with a technology that provides efficiency, scalability and massive cost saving

Our Analyst Consultants have a combined 12 years in Business Analysis, 7 of which have been in RPA., working on projects which used UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere platforms, as well as almost 5 years software development (including some RPA development) management experience.

They have worked in industries such as Finance, Insurance, Telecoms, Aerospace, Utilities, Fintech and Asset Management and have worked at some of the world’s largest consultancy firms

Our Solution Architect team have over 17 years’ experience in IT and software development as well as hands on experience in ASP.NET and various RPA platforms

Our certified developer team have almost 30 combined years’ experience in IT/software development, and almost 4 years experience in RPA using tools like UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere.

Here are some of the industries our team have worked in:

Financial services & Banking, Public sector, Manufacturing, NHS/healthcare

And here are some use cases:

 KYC, reconciliation, sales/order-to-cash, payroll processing, sales and product analysis, financial reporting

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“Automation also needs to be implemented in a lean way to provide a much better ROI and higher success rate”

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  • Qualified and experienced Lean six sigma Black Belt

  • Certified UiPath RPA analyst and developer

  • Almost 4 yrs experience in UiPath and Blue Prism (familiar with Automation Anywhere platform)

  • Qualified in NLP (Natural Language Processing)  

  • Experienced in AI automation (e.g. using data-lakes, intelligent character recognition)

  • Identified over £2m of RPA opportunities across entire business unit, working with over 30 key stakeholders

  • Delivered saving of over £300k for a leading UK Utility company, and reduced process time by over 30% for a global Aerospace company.

  • Increased savings of a single RPA bot by 20% at an Asset Management firm by introducing ‘flexible development‘ (allowing users to expand bots use to more teams without additional code)

Tony Walker 

Lean IA/RPA Management Consultant, Thought-Leader, and Author 

If you’re new to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and have been looking for a comprehensive book on how to implement RPA in your organisation, you’ve probably come across Tony’s book Business @ the Speed of Bots: Succeed at intelligent automation in the new digital age on Amazon.

Tony is the lead consultant at LeanIA (, the RPA consultancy firm for small and medium businesses, to guide and advise new Intelligent Automation/RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE) teams with an On-Demand model so that global teams can gain immediate assistance 24/7, and operate in a faster, less intrusive manner, whilst reducing overheads. 

As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Tony is a Process Improvement Analyst first and his passion for business optimisation and continuous improvement run through the fabric of the LeanIA company. An RPA Business Analyst Consultant by trade, though an Aerospace Engineer and Financial Analyst by training.

He’s helped mature both Design and Support CoE/OpEx teams and experienced the full lifecycle of RPA so has a clear understanding on how to deliver automation for robustness and sustainability.

He’s worked in Insurance, Aerospace, Utilities, Fintech and Asset Management firms and plans to spend a large majority of the next few years focusing on NLP (natural language processing) and Machine Learning

You may bump into Tony at some networking events and conferences related to RPA, AI and process improvement in London

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LegalEx (10,000 legal professionals)

Tony has also been invited to speak at the UK's largest Legal exhibition this year's LegalEx.
{This has now been postponed until December 2020}

Come and attend his speech:

Intelligent Automation: Be Faster, Compliant, Accurate and Reduce Costs

The Legal indsutry is changing rapidly and there is an increased demand for cheaper and more productive ways of running a legal firm. Accurate, quicker enhanced and efficient compliance and customer experience technologies are the way forward and can only be achieved with the use of intelligent automation.

Join Tony Walker to explore how AI and RPA is transforming your industry, and how you can digitally improve your business

Your industry is changing fast, abd your ‘early’ adopter competitors are leveraging these technologies to get way ahead. Other mature industries like finance, manufacturing and utilities have been using these  for years to improve accuracy, speed, compliance and customer experience, and reduce human error. All whilst reducing their operating costs. Let’s explore how AI and RPA is transforming your industry and businesses like yours

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