HR and Accounting department

Process design for release management and support of launching new automations and changes into production

Governance and support for bots

Manage support team for UiPath and Blue Prism bots for various development


  • Newly formed RPA support team taking on new client bots in Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Blue Prism for departments in Finance and HR 


    • Co-managed a team of 10 robotics engineers supporting digital workers (bots) for several clients in Blue Prism, UiPath or Automation Anywhere

      Assisted with: Invoicing, Capacity management, Client relationship management, team Capability management and tracking (working closely with Technical lead to identify skill gaps and carrying out interviews)

      Assist in setting up KPI tracking and reporting. Developing processes and controls to ensure consistency and quality of service

      Facilitated the build of  complexity matrix to assess the complexity of supporting RPA bots and making bot changes