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Financial Services

The banking sector is probably one of the most focused on developing RPA and Ai technology for its own benefit.

The possibilities of gaining a competitive edge through Ai in improvements to speed, time, cost and efficiency and customer needs is driving the growth in these new technologies.

Some examples of these are Chat Bots – automated virtual assistants which are resolving customer queries through online messaging systems and some of these chat bots can undertake over 200 tasks and continue to improve through machine learning.

The use of Bots in trading to quickly identify trading patterns and formulate new trading strategies and management of the vast quantities of customer data financial companies have access to.


The Utilities industry has wide scope to benefit from RPA and Ai. Some of these uses could include:

Load forecasting

Being able to have advanced knowledge of supply and demand forecast would optimize the economics of load dispatch and machine learning can be used to undertake this.


Optimising yields Ai can assist power providers with power generation efficiency with real time adjustments which can greatly increase energy production.


A major issue in developing countries is the theft of energy so Ai can be used to detect usage patterns and abnormal patterns to identify possible theft.


Knowledge of customers through the use of machine learning would enable utilities to maximise their price and margin options and reduce customer churn.

Some of the time saving can be in document analysis, so machines can review and flag up documents that are relevant to particular cases. They can undertake due diligence, so confirming facts and figures and evaluating decisions and even predict legal outcomes and arguments.


AI and RPA in the insurance industry can contribute to change of insurance business model of detect and repair to one of predict and prevent model. 

The technology has already begun entering insurance systems and processes, and started to deliver efficiencies, whilst improving customer experience.

Automating claims processing through AI solutions is an example of how time and speed can be reduced


With budgets continuing to get squeezed govern organisations are in need of ways to save costs, increase speed of service as well as enhancing accuracy.

But Ai in manufacturing can be a lot more than shop floor automation as Ai can automate supply chains, just in time deliveries and ordering and help companies to anticipate marketing changes.


Manufacturing is probably one of the first robotics and AI users that people think of, the car production lines with multiple robotic arms building cars.

But Ai in manufacturing can be a lot more than shop floor automation as Ai can automate supply chains, just in time deliveries and ordering and help companies to anticipate marketing changes.


There is a vast potential for the use of Ai and Robotics in Healthcare.

Some of these could be –
People Keeping Healthy – Technology applications and apps encourage healthier behaviour in individuals and help with the proactive management of a healthy lifestyle. It puts consumers in control of health and well-being.

Making a Diagnosis

Large amounts of data can be quickly unlocked to present medical information from many sources and technology can be combined to build powerful learning algorithms to solve healthcare issues.

Making Decisions

Pattern recognition can identify patients at risk of developing a condition so allowing action to remedy this.

Early Detection
Consumer wearables and other medical devices combined with Ai to recognise early disease signs

Ai can be used to manage drug discovery, creation and testing to cut time to market.

Ai can implement training anywhere with the power of Ai included in a smartphone a trainee can undertake training at any time.

Retail and Supply Chain

eCommerce is growing fast, and COVID19 lockdowns havw accelerated this growth. Retailers need to keep up with the online stores and leverage cutting-edge technologies to learn faster and how customer better




Led automation programme to build business unit wide Automation Catalogue


Identify all automation opportunities for the entire business unit in less than 2 week


  • Engaged with over 30 key stakeholders (senior department managers, team leads and subject matter experts)

  • Liaised with the RPA development team, arranged demonstrations of Blue Prism’s capabilities

  • Created toolkit to assist sub-teams with collating data which was assessed and prioritised



Led the major automation programme to identify potential savings of £1 m – £4 m


FTE COST avoidance, £300k saved

Synchronising data between legacy systems (large company)


  • Manual move data between two legacy systems, because systems stopped talking to each other
  • Team manager didn’t have the budget to hire 10 more staff, to cope with the forecasted increase in demand 
  • Overwhelming backlog and increase in SMART meters required an addition 30 FTE+ 


    • Listed all the teams processes

    • Collated cycle time and volume data the team had collected over the year (sense checked by timing a sample)

    • Filtered out only RPS suitable processes (ran a workshop)

    • Out of the 100 tasks, used a Pareto graph to calculate the few tasks (7) which took up 80% of the team’s time

    • Ran solution design workshop to re-design certain processes (using 5 Whys, and 5Rs)

    • Created Process Definition Documents to build the bots


Identified savings over £300k, avoiding the need to hire 60+ new staff 


Take on new clients, £30k save

Automating deviations off the happy path (small company)


  • The normal process is automated, missing data created deviations from the ‘happy path
    Different missing data created deviations at various points along the process – creating manually work to add missing data
    Team manager wanted to allow team to cope with new customers who would invariably provide suboptimal information


    • Map out the process End-to-End and identify the deviation areas

      Zoom into areas and compile a list of manual processes

      Run root cause workshops to identify the true reason (customers? outside our control? What Influence do we have?)

      Filtered out only RPS suitable processes (ran group interviews with manager and SMEs)

      Created Process design documents to build the bots


Bots deployed on several manual tasks (assisting multiple teams at once) removing mundane tasks for staff to focus on adding value

Realised benefits and monitored bots to sustain future success

Artificial intelligent automation



  • Team received hundreds of paper forms from Independant Financial Advisors (IFA), which they needed to scan for record-keeping and manually enter data into the CRM system


    • Facilitated the collection of high quality scanned  forms which were saved in a datalake

      the ICR (intelligent character recognition) engine digested the data and converted both text and handwritten data into standardised information

      conditions were set of each field and the engine learnt of the correct type of information. e.g. if the handwriting was read ‘LODNON’ the intelligent engine would know that for a UK address this had an acceptably high probablity of being ‘LONDON’


Bots deployed on several manual tasks (assisting multiple teams at once) removing mundane tasks for staff to focus on adding value

Realised benefits and monitored bots to sustain future success


Govern and support bots

Manage support team for UiPath, Blue Prism, AA bots for various clients


  • Newly formed RPA support team taking on new client bots in Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Blue Prism for departments in Finance and HR 


    • Co-managed a team of 10 robotics engineers supporting digital workers (bots) for several clients in Blue Prism, UiPath or Automation Anywhere

      Assisted with: Invoicing, Capacity management, Client relationship management, team Capability management and tracking (working closely with Technical lead to identify skill gaps and carrying out interviews)

      Assist in setting up KPI tracking and reporting. Developing processes and controls to ensure consistency and quality of service

      Facilitated the build of  complexity matrix to assess the complexity of supporting RPA bots and making bot changes 


Improved governance and performance tracking

Created a robust process for Release Management of new robots and new changes to existing robots



Process improvement to centre manufacturing to assist BOMs and contract analysis 


  • Create competitive build of materials (BoMs) for winning £multi-million and £billion tenders


    • Compiled all historical publically available contract data into a central repository

      Segmented contract builds into components and estimated component costs

      Reverse engineered historical contracts to verify calculations

      Uploaded data onto SharePoint to assist business development department


Created an interaction, centralised automated repository for reverse engineering contracts to assist with winning bids

Auto-generated contract price estimates for competitor builds, in order for company to create a more competitive bid