The Leania App

OPTIMISE YOUR TEAM with our Analyst App

Save 20 - 30% of all your RPA Analysts' time

Automatically identify, assess and prioritise your automation opportunities

Based on our trademarked AEIO YOU method® our RPA analysis application ingests your process data to:

  • Quickly find the best processes to automate
  • Calculate ROI easily for your entire RPA portfolio
  • Prioritise your RPA candidates
  • Create your Automation Road map for your entire company

Say hello to LIA™ (Leania Identify & analyse) Analysis, without the Paralysis. Be agile with our new web application

Our easy-to-use RPA analyser is the embodiment of our AEIO YOU methodology and can make your RPA team (consultants and analysts) work more efficiently:

  • RPA vendor agnostic

  • Upload/Ingest process data from multiple teams into a central location

  • LIA automatically identifies the best departments and teams  to target, and where the Quick Wins are

  • LIA gives your teams and analysts focus, by prioritising processes

  • Use LIA to easily calculate ROI for each process


CoE Setup Kit

Processes & Documentation

How-to guides and process documents for carrying out different CoE tasks

Toolkit (The Leania App)

Automatically identify and assess automation opportunities. Calculate ROI of each candidate

Engagement pack

RPA CoE Engagement pack to encourage buy-in from stakeholders

Templates & forms

Templates and tools for your CoE team and Automation Champions


50% of RPA and Ai projects fail, due to a lack of analysis to automate the right process.

We’re your personal online assistant so yours doesn’t