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50% of RPA projects fail, and less than 5% of businesses have scaled automation. AEIO YOU® methodology helps you navigate common mistakes and pitfalls

Accelerate your digital transformation with the AEIO YOU® METHODOLOGY

“Transformation is a process not an event”

– John Kotter (world-renowned business change thought-leader)

Why AEIO YOU® methodology?

2x faster implementation

£300k+ more savings a year

90%+ success rate

We’re helping RPA and Intelligent Automation teams across the world learn our tried and tested, internationally used AEIO YOU® METHODOLOGY for digitally transforming their business, so that they can set up, build and develop their teams

Over 5,000 clients, in over 100 different countries, have consumed thousands of hours of AEIO YOU content, watching our Lean thinking, RPA strategy, analysis, delivery and implementation eLearning and have used tools from our toolkit.

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Aware & Align

The more that aware and aligned your senior leadership team are on what the technology is and how the company should use it, the better the company can be directed to get the maximum benefit from any new technology. 

Rarely can business leaders fully articulate “What is ‘RPA’ and ‘AI’?, let alone “How will they transform the company?”


Educate & Empower

The most impactful step to transforming your business is to educate your workforce (not just your core team) so they’re tech-savvy, they see the benefits and there’s a paradigm shift where they want to be involved. 

Empowering them with tools and know-how makes them part of the change, allowing you to navigate past the biggest challenge any business faces, resistance to change


Inspect & Ideate

How knowledgeable you team is, and how well they’re equip with tools and know-how determines how successful your projects will be (50% of RPA/AI projects fail). 

If your core central automation team is lead by ‘digitally-aware’ and aligned leadership team, and have a clear, standardised method for finding problems and designing solutions, this will help you deliver automation quickly and at scale 



Implementing the technology is the easiest part as it’s just logical coding with drag and drop, though there are best practices for ensuring the implemented technology has the long-term desired effect

The Analyst-consultant translates your business problem into a technical solution, and so must follow a strict method for ensuring this is done. Poorly designed solutions are expensive to fix and support



With any investment, it’s important to check that the desired Return of Investment was met, financial or otherwise 

Organise & Oversee

Implementing technology is just the start. It’s important that it is monitored and maintained

Uncover, Upgrade, Upskill

To fully digitally transform your business your team needs to be onto of new technologies like AI so that your business remains current and stays ahead

Empower & Educate your RPA/IA team:
Trainin them on the Automation lifecycle
Enhance their Automation Success 
Get Consistent Results 

What Business Leaders say about AEIO YOU®

“[AEIO YOU creator’s] enthusiasm for using automation and technology in the business world is a breath of fresh air. “

Steve Waldron, UK Senior Director
International Asset Management Firm

“[AEIO YOU’s] approach to implementing RPA is thorough, well-researched and well executed. Highly recommended to anyone involved in the automation market.”

Guy Kirkwood, chief evangelist

UiPath (one of the world’s leading RPA companies)

Digital Transformation requires Empowered Teams

So, if you’re not empowering your team, their not transforming your business

Empower your team, not just on the theory, but how to actually apply it