National Utilities Company

Identify Automation Opportunities throughout entire business unit and build an Automation Catalogue 


Led automation programme to build business unit wide Automation Catalogue


Identify all automation opportunities for the entire business unit in less than 2 week


  • Engaged with over 30 key stakeholders (senior department managers, team leads and subject matter experts)

  • Liaised with the RPA development team, arranged demonstrations of Blue Prism’s capabilities

  • Created toolkit to assist sub-teams with collating data which was assessed and prioritised



Led the major automation programme to identify potential savings of £1 m – £4 m


Synchronising data between legacy systems (multiple teams)

FTE COST avoidance, £300k saved

Synchronising data between legacy systems (large company)


  • Manual move data between two legacy systems, because systems stopped talking to each other
  • Team manager didn’t have the budget to hire 10 more staff, to cope with the forecasted increase in demand 
  • Overwhelming backlog and increase in SMART meters required an addition 30 FTE+ 


    • Listed all the teams processes

    • Collated cycle time and volume data the team had collected over the year (sense checked by timing a sample)

    • Filtered out only RPS suitable processes (ran a workshop)

    • Out of the 100 tasks, used a Pareto graph to calculate the few tasks (7) which took up 80% of the team’s time

    • Ran solution design workshop to re-design certain processes (using 5 Whys, and 5Rs)

    • Created Process Definition Documents to build the bots


Identified savings over £300k, avoiding the need to hire 60+ new staff