Intelligent Automation consulting


Our network of Global boutique consulting firms are passionate about transforming businesses and teams

  • We empower teams with a simple, repeatable methodology and toolkit to speed up delivery
  • We optimise your processes with intelligent automation
  • We analyse your data to help you discover new AI technologies that meet your needs
  • We match automation and AI solutions to your unique use cases and business needs


Intelligent Automation Opportunities Assessment

We’ll analyse your entire company’s process landscape, data and generate your Intelligent Automation Catalogue to determine where best to automate, and with which technologies:

  • We analyse your processes and your current systems architecture
  • We identify alignment opportunities in similar teams
  • We help you find larger end-to-end automation opportunities
  • We design automation solutions be that RPA, OCR, chat bots or other AI capabilities 
  • We bake in Lean Thinking into our solution designs

Set up, Review or Upgrade your Automation team

If you’re brand new to automation we’ll set up your RPA team, if you want to accelerate your automation delivery or have more consistent results then we’ll run a 360 review:

  • Run a team evaluation test (provides you with a 12 page report)
  • Identify which critical roles are missing
  • Review tools and templates, and complete your toolkit 
  • Embed controls and checkpoints -with the tools to manage this
  • Provide your team access to your Automation team platform, and tailor to your needs
  • Work with your team through your Quick Wins, end-to-end

Develop Intelligent Automation processes

With our partners, we’ll help you develop RPA and intelligent automation solutions:

  • Design Solution Design documents 
  • Set up robust environments
  • Build automation in a way that’s scalable
  • Test robots for durability (‘good enough’ isn’t good enough)
  • Guide user acceptance testing
  • Hypercare after you’ve given the go-head to Go Live

Continued Automation Support

We can provide continued expert helping hands to support your team in churning out more automated processes on-demand, until you’re in-house team feel confident to go at it alone

  • Analysis and project management support to identify and deliver automation use cases
  • Development and Solutions Architect support to ensure your automated processes keep them running smoothly and are well-maintained
  • Strategic support to guide/advice leadership teams on how best to further transform your business with new technologies

Developing an Automation Factory

Get access for your team to our Intelligent Automation Enablement Portal which allows Centre of Excellence teams to follow a systematic, data-backed approach to delivering value

  • Programme Management
  • Project Management
  • Process Analysis
  • staff empowerment
  • RPA awareness

Packaged services

Quick Wins Accelerator

Identify 20-40 of your best quick wins
Data-backed approach, leveraging our applications, we’ll discover automation use cases with the highest ROI (at 25% of market rate)

Digital Transformation

Identify your end-to-end processes, including 100-200 automation and AI use cases, the easy way
Move from Tactical to Strategic Automation, in a flash