The underlying approach of the AEIO YOU method is to ensure you’re applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and intelligent automation to lean (aka streamlined and optimized) business processes. Using lean thinking you can achieve a much higher ROI from your new technology than if you were to have just automated bad processes.

Remember the old adage, ‘GIGO’ (Garbage in, garbage out)

Follow these steps to bring your RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE) team to a maturity level to proudly call it an Automation Factory. Then start again from step 1, but this time with a newer technology

Here are our 36 steps of the AEIO YOU method:


1. Understand the Technology

2. Know the myths, Challenges and the Benefits

2b. Know the common mistakes and pitfalls

3. Understand the market

4. Choose the right solution provider

5. Be an evangelist

6. Run a Pilot (POV rather than POC)

7. Start building your Centre of Excellence


8. Bring in the Experts

9. Involve staff so they welcome the change

10. Keep hold of your most valuable assets

11. Upskill to build capabilities inhouse


12. Zoom out. Create an Enterprise Automation Roadmap

13. Zoom in: Define and Measure the problem

14. Filter on what’s suitable

15. Focus on the top 20% (80:20 rule)

16. Build a complexity map: Cost vs Benefits vs Financial savings

17. Prioritise: Go for some quick wins first

18. Zoom in further: Business Analysis 101 (Data and requirements gathering)

19. Root cause analysis


20. Solution design

21. Lean thinking

22. Business Case: detailed cost-benefits analysis

23. Define the process

24. Design the solution

25. Build the solution using best practices

26. Prepare the data for testing

27. UAT

28. Hand over to support team

29. Launch

30. Reflect

31. Repeat and scale


32. Realise the benefits


33. Maintain the benefits

34. Manage the changes


35. Circle back for continuous improvement

36. Discover newer technologies

You can learn more about implementing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and intelligent automation at Your virtual consultant

You can read about Lean IA’s trademarked AEIO YOU method in their new book Business @ the Speed of Bots, How to implement RPA that scales

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