Your CoE starter toolkit

A downloadable Centre of Excellence (CoE) toolkit of items you’ll need to start building your internal RPA team

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Get started in RPA
What you need to start building your Centre of Excellence team

Our Centre of Excellence starter kit gets you ready to start identifying and building automation:

  • AEIO YOU governance framework for the entire RPA life-cycle and beyond

  • Processes for opportunity assessment, analysis & development best practices and Agile RPA project management

  • Tools and templates to ensure consistency across all your projects

  • Team structure, Role profiles and KPIs to build your team

  • Training slides for RPA Analyst/Consultant team 

  • Workshop and Awareness slides for your stakeholders

CoE Starter Kit​

Governance Processes & Documentation

How-to guides and process documents for carrying out different CoE tasks

Automation Opportunity Analyser web-app

Automatically identify and assess automation opportunities.

Calculate ROI of each candidate

Engagement pack

RPA CoE Engagement pack to encourage buy-in from stakeholders

Templates & forms

Templates and tools for your CoE team and Automation Champions


50% of RPA and Ai projects fail, due to a lack of analysis to automate the right process.

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