Types of common departmental processes that you can automate right now:

Many companies, in fact, there are whole industries still hesitant to invest in process automation with RPA and AI. Perhaps your traps in a slow behemoth organization that hasn’t quite worked out to fit automation into the overall strategy and very risk-averse.

The reality is, these companies are more at risk not to be involved,

as they may get left behind, by competitors who are operating faster, more accurately, enhance their customer experience scale to serve more clients whilst reducing costs and boosting staff morale by removing monotonous. repetitive tasks.

Or perhaps you’re in a smaller company who has only caught wind of the new technology from articles like this or by observing a competitor. Yes, your ‘early adopter’ competitors are getting an edge by leveraging intelligent automation, but take a look below at some example processes that you could actually be automating right now.

Common use cases

  1. Automated receptionist for welcoming visitors to enterprise campuses
  2. Customer onboarding
  3. Daily briefings based on calendar and assigned tasks
  4. Data migration and entry
  5. Extracting data from PDFs, scanned documents, and other formats
  6. Generating mass emails
  7. Issuing refunds
  8. Periodic report preparation and dissemination
  9. Procure-to-pay
  10. Product categorization
  11. Pulling data from multiple websites to identify best deals on auction websites
  12. Quote-to-cash
  13. Transferring business cards to Salesforce
  14. Updating inventory records
  15. Updating vendor records

Banking, Finance & Insurance

  1. Appeals processing
  2. Claims processing
  3. Daily P&L preparation
  4. Financial planning
  5. Know Your Customer (KYC)
  6. Loan processing
  7. Logistics – Trade Finance
  8. Reconciliation
  9. Responding to partner queries
  10. Trade execution

Customer Service & Sales

  1. Automating multi-step complex tasks that require little decision-making
  2. Creating and delivering invoices
  3. Obtaining detailed billing data
  4. Loading a detailed customer profile
  5. Resolving simple but common customer issues
  6. Updating user preferences and other user information


  1. Absence management
  2. Candidate sourcing
  3. Employee data management
  4. Employment history verification
  5. Expense management
  6. Hiring & onboarding & headcount reduction
  7. HR virtual assistants
  8. Payroll automation

Tech & Support

  1. Fault remediation
  2. Opening up internal tools to customers or employees
  3. Regular diagnostics
  4. Regular testing
  5. Software installations

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You can learn more about implementing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and intelligent automation at Leania.co. On-demand Consulting

You can read about these tips and tools used in their AEIO YOU method in their new book Business @ the Speed of Bots, How to implement RPA that scales

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